CNC/ Manual Machining


Visualize and Cut

We are equipped with four high speed HAAS CNC machining centers as well as a few manual milling, turning, and grinding centers of different sizes to complement our operations. We control these high tech machines with the latest version of Mastercam, CAD/CAM software, to keep us up to date and allows us to compete and communicate with other shops.  With Two generations of knowledge and experience standing behind us we have a strong foundation in tool and die, castings/ patterns, jigs, fixtures, exotic alloys, heat treating, and many other oddities from equipment repair to making custom carburetors and other parts for classic cars. We accept work as simple as machining bushings and sleeves for bearings to small meticulous dies to manufacture medical equipment. 



Turning Dreams to Reality

The engineering of your innovative product starts in your mind and we are prepared and well equipped to help you bring it to life. Starting the process with our state of the art CAD/ CAM software; we can transform your ideas to visual model, using our computer software, to start sorting out any bugs or possible complications.  From those models we are capable of producing a tangible "first draft" of your product out of a whichever materials may be necessary to help format a plan on how to go about manufacturing it in large volumes. Luckily for you, we offer these wide variety of operations in our facility to create the whole product or at least most of it with our well experienced staff in more of a personalized setting.   

Plastic injection molding


Plastic Manufacturing at It's Finest

We have a multitude of different size plastic injection molding machines to accommodate the different size, structures, and geometry of the many plastic parts we produce. We are very well experienced in the correlation of equipment needed to accommodate the abundant amount of variations of plastic with different additives to achieve the best quality product to complete the job. Our Plastic injection machines range in size from a 50 ton press to a 300 ton press. We are acquainted with many different styles of dies used depending the quantity of parts needed, type of plastic, geometry of the part, and function of the part being produced.In house we are able to build, repair, test, and modify dies; which makes it easier for everyone being we can see the tool in action and detect any flaws or complications optimizing our turn around time and producing the best quality part suited for the job.    

Tool & Die Repairs


Everyone Makes Mistakes.... But We Can Fix Them

In any mass production process human error is on thing that can not be avoided only minimized. Therefore tools, dies, jigs, patterns ect. are bound to break or wear out over time despite whatever the cause may be. With the wide variety of machinery and experience we have at our disposal we can repair and modify most of these tools and or dies to our high standard of perfection. With our precision welder, high speed CNC, and irreplaceable experience in polishing/ fitting/ layout we are confident in standing behind the longevity of our repairs and modifications. 


Metal polishing


The Proper Finish is Essential to Every Job

Depending on the purpose, geometry, type of plastic, color, and clarity of the part being produced dictates the finish needed.  Many finishes such as sand blasting, chemical etching, chrome platting and many more still require a nice polished finish otherwise discontinuities, as small as a fraction of a thousandths of an inch, will show through to post finishing processes. In house we are equipped and capable of polishing up to a "mirror finish" and/or sandblasting. We have maintained good business relations with many reputable companies who specialize in the post polishing process to give you a quality tool that optimizes your production.

Welding & fabrication


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